CFDs Trading

Trade with ease and efficiency through Contracts for Difference (CFDs). AmazingTick grants you access to multiple asset classes and instruments to trade with.

What are CFDs

With CFDs you have the opportunity to profit from the price movement instead of owning the underlying asset and depending only on the price increase of the asset to profit. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a more convenient way to trade, as opposed to the traditional way. In simple terms, you only have to speculate where the price of the asset will move much like Forex trading.

CFDs are the most common form of derivative trading. You trade based on the movement of the underlying assets, such as commodities and shares.

CFDs are an agreement to exchange the difference in the value of the instrument from the time the contract is opened until the time it will close.

  • Simple. Trading CFDs is simple and easy.
  • Effective. Trade regardless of the Market’s movement.
  • Extensive. Trade with a large number of assets & instruments.
  • Practical. Trade through MT4 platform and access your trades from anywhere.

How to Trade CFDs with AmazingTick

Trading CFDs is easy with AmazingTick. We provide you with multiple educational materials that will guide you through on how to trade and how to spot potential opportunities.

In a few words, with CFDs, you do not have to actually BUY or SELL the instrument you wish to trade with. You only have to figure out where the Market will shift and place your trade accordingly. If you see that the market on the particular instrument you choose to trade is falling, then you will SELL. If you speculate that the opposite will happen, which means that the instrument’s price will potentially rise, then you BUY.

Asset class Number of instrumens Minimum spreads Margins rates from
Forex 77 0 points 0.50%
Metals 7 0.15 points 1%
Indices 15 0.15 point 1%
Commodities 14 0.4 points 2%
The best dont rest

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